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Total 20 Liverpool football chants submitted by liverpoolemirhan

2501 Those Were the Days (To the tune of Those Were The Days, My Friends) Afspeellijst
14892 The Boys in Red Always RED...
15049 Hello, Hello We Are the Liverpool Boys We all follow the Liverpool
15136 This Could Be (To the tune of Rotterdam -Beautiful South)
17223 F*ck Em All F*ck all the rest
17545 Billy Liddell The "Original" Amore
17779 This Old Man To tune of UNI-TED anti United
19618 You Are My Liverpool To tune of ''Luis Garcia''
19939 Bluenoses Aren't the Champions Anymore The bluenose b*stards aren't the champions anymore
20181 The Scarf My Father Wore (To the tune of The Sash My Father Wore)
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20614 You Know You Are! You're s*it!
21070 We Hate the Cockneys Yes, we hate..!!
21760 Shall We Sing a Song for You Usually sung to The Chelsea
22255 Forever and Ever Forever and Ever (Ed: Not sure this is ever sung?)
22279 You're Not Very Good We are best, You're not very good
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