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Total 21 Arsenal football chants submitted by gm-tom.learmouth

15140 Imogen Thinks of Jack Wilshere Sung at Fulham away May 2011
15581 Christmas Time at Stoke Rugby Club To the tune of "Mistletoe And Wine" by Cliff Richard. Gooners' recent hatred for stoke
16181 Jack Wilshere To the tune the animals went in 2 by 2
17226 Na Na Na Na, Arse-Nal! To the tune Hey Jude by The Beatles (obviously) could turn out to be a well used chant....
18169 6% You're Having a Laugh? Arsenal song sung at the Villa home game as the season ticket prices go up by 6% when the football is getting worse
18235 Only Fools Go to Stoke To the tune "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley. Gooners join Port Vale as Stoke Rugby Club haters!
20184 Denilson's Leaving Party Arsenal sung at fulham away after Denilson announced he was leaving
20655 Arsenal Till I'm Skint To the 'arsenal till i die' chant. board making all the fans skint!
20806 Gareth Bale Peels Bananas with His Feet Yellow Submarine tune. Heard at the Emirates recently
21822 We're Gonna Win the League Tottscum Our version of the celtic chant
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